Peter Pan Knitting Yarns
by Wendy Wools
perfect for babies, toddlers and children
Thomas Ramsden, the original owner of the Peter Pan range, went into administration in 2020.
The Peter Pan range is now owned by Wendy Wools who have launched new colour collections of the well-loved yarns

The Peter Pan design and yarn collection is the epitome of stylish and fashionable hand knitting and crochet, perfect for precious babies, toddlers and children. 

The yarn range has an incredibly wide selection of perfect colours from the most delicate soft pastels to bright, vibrant and fun special effect colours that really appeal to fashion-conscious youngsters. 

Peter Pan only uses the finest quality fibre blends that are known for their softness, durability and also non-allergic properties.



Peter Pan - DK - by Wendy Wools

Peter Pan - DK - by Wendy Wools

55% Nylon
45% Acrylic

Soft and gentle and designed just for your baby

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