Erika Knight - Wild Wool - Aran

Wild Wool

by Erica Knight


Wild Wool is a sustainable blend of soft wool and natural nettle.

 For more than 2000 years the strong and durable fibre found inside the stem of the nettle has been used in textilesNettles are eco-friendly and sustainable, growing abundantly in rainy areas worldwide without the need for pesticides.

 Nettle enhances the character of this luxuriously woolen yarn, adding insulation and texture to create a sumptuously soft ‘aran’ weight yarn in a palette of irresistible colours inspired by the wild.

Made in Italy

85% Wool   15% Viscose (Nettle)
100g approx
170m approx

Tension: 4in x 4in (10cm x 10cm) = 24 rows x 18 stitches
Needle Size:  5mm


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Page 1 of 1:    8 Items