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Tailor's Ham

Tailor's Ham£14.95

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For ironing curved seams & more ..

Needle Twister - Magnetic

Needle Twister - Magnetic£6.25

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The safe and easy way to store and dispense steel needles and pins.

Clip Buckle

Clip Buckle£2.30

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25mm Clip Buckle

Coat Hanging Chain

Coat Hanging Chain£2.65

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Silver Coloured

Corset Hooks & Eyes

Corset Hooks & Eyes£1.70

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Size: No.13

Silver or Black

Kilt Pin

Kilt Pin£1.80

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Silver Coloured

Lint Shaver

Lint Shaver£7.55

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Battery Operated

Removes lint from fabrics

Loop Turner

Loop Turner£3.60

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Length: 240mm

Pompom Maker

Pompom Maker£5.75

Makes 4 sizes of pompoms

Loose Cover Pins

Loose Cover Pins£2.15

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Spiral 'Twist' Type 

Quantity: 10

Stitch 'n' Tear

Stitch 'n' Tear£2.85

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A tear away backing for all types of decorative needlework.

Trouser & Skirt Hook & Bar

Trouser & Skirt Hook & Bar£1.80

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Width: 9.5mm

Quantity: 3

For sewing on

Extra Strong Wundaweb 20mm x 3m

Extra Strong Wundaweb 20mm x 3m£2.40

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 Easy Hemming - No Sewing

20mm x 3m

Fray Check 22.5ml

Fray Check 22.5ml£5.90

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Ideal for Seams, hems, buttonholes, shirt collars, cuffs, braids and appliiques.

Invisible Thread - Natural

Invisible Thread - Natural£1.00

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Invisible Thread

Colour: Natural

Spool Length: 200m

Sew and Knit Gauge

Sew and Knit Gauge£2.30

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Measures in Inches and Centimetres

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